Racin' News at It's Most Real

By Liam O'Brian

10. NASCAR Racing Forum

Site Link: NASCARRacingForum.com

Twitter Link: Twitter.com/NASCARRForumWeb

Estimated Active Users: 21 (30% F)

User Friendly: A+ 100%

NASCAR Knowledge: A+ 100%

Overall Score: B (85%)

Being a proud memeber of the site, I can tell you that this for Hard Core NASCAR Fans. Founded by GuyS24, this site has pretty much become the official forum of #NASCARFollowBack, something we will talk about later. 

9. 24 Designs

Site Link: 24-Designs.com

Twitter Link: twitter.com/24Designs

Estimated Active Users: Impossible to detect

User Friendly: 100% A+

NASCAR Knowledge: 100% A+

No Overall Score (No Estimated Active Users)

24 Designs is one of my favorite websites because of their, well, Designs! Even though I'm not a big fan of their driver, their designs of Jeff Gordon are amazing. Currently, they are working on a design for every win by Gordon ever. They also have some really nice logos that were made. They made the logo for the NASCAR Racing Forum, Bucky Birt's radio show, and one is even being made for this website at press time (4/27/2013). His website is amazing, designs are awesome, but the site is only a little close to number 8 on our list.

8. Jayski

Site Link: Jayski.com

Twitter Link:  twitter.com/jayski_nascar

Estimated Active Users: ~60,000 (100% A+)

User Friendly: 60% D

NASCAR Knowledge: 100% A+

Jayski has been here for a while, so it has grown slowly and peacefully, mainly because of their sponsorships on race cars. Jayski is the largest site on this list, and rightfully so. Their stories are up to the minute, and breaking. The site layout is simplistic, but can be a slight hassle in terms of finding where everything is. The owner of the site is not very active around the internet, but I'll give him a break. The most popular part of the site is easily the paint scheme gellery. The site has a HUGE database of paint schemes, and being a person who loves the look of NASCAR, it's like racing heaven for me. Their Racing archives are also noteful, as they stretch from the mid 90s to recent times. It just makes the site oh... So... Awesome...